August 14, 2022

Why you should chose Scala Hosting


Scala Hosting is a company that was started in the year 2007 month of August. It is known for being genuine to its customers and is well-reputed for providing its users with perfect and reliable service.

They are into providing scalable web hosting, reseller hosting, and also cloud hosting services. Scala Hosting is a hosting service provider that has been trusted by more than 120+ countries worldwide.

Vince Robinson the CEO always has a close tab on Scala Hosting services and constantly works on its reputation. When Vince started the organization, the only thing on his mind was to choose the right datacenters. Vince wanted to only choose the datacenter which has been more reliable for customers in the past. As a result, two data centers were chosen – one located in Dollars, Texas, and the other one in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Why should you choose Scala Hosting?

So, Scala Hosting is one of the best hostings you can choose. Well, we are going to mention various reasons which will make your fill to choose Scala Hosting as your hosting service provider. Just go through the article and you will have a fair idea about it.

  1. Super Fast.

Well, Scala Hosting has been measured by the GT matrix the performance checker and the output was stunning. Scala Hosting has received a spectacular with a speed of only 1.2s and also the good part is that the page has been fully loaded. With multiple HD images in it gives users and remarkable experience. So, this web Hosting Service can give you an over the experience of lighting fast speed with 20 times the average speed for the best hosting service and also decreases page load time.

  1. Innovative Cloud Technology

Well, you might know that Scala hosting is known for its modified cloud hosting service plan. The different plans are as follows: Started, Average, Business, and Enterprise. Another perfect thing about Scala Hosting is that all plans are powered by enterprise-grade SSD drives. This hosting service provider uses SSD technology for high performance and improved quality. Scala Hosting service provider has been fully managed by cPanel/WHM, and one more good thing about the user is that they can easily customize your cloud hosting.

  1. Secure SShield

Come what may, if you are using internet service you always need to worry about different hackers. Their bad intension can put you in difficulties, so here security becomes a great concern. However, the best feature which I personally like about Scala hosting is that no matter what hosting plan you choose, you will get automatic protection by Scala Hosting’s Shield. This Shield has a complete automatic security system that contains an automatic notification alert.

  1. Attractive Freebies

It doesn’t matter which plan you select, you can choose between the time intervals such as- monthly, six-monthly, or annual payment periods. The best part which I personally admired about Scala hosting is that shared hosting comes with a free domain and you will also receive a fancy 29 percent discount for the yearly plan.


So, if you ask me personally about Scala Hosting then my suggestion might be that you go with it, As it is simply budget-friendly, caters the needs of young business and comes with great plans. Moreover, the users get high specification according to their needs.

I hope you found the article useful, and if you did then make sure you leave your feedback and thank you for reading!