August 13, 2022

Why You Need To Choose GreenGeeks?

One can’t think of protecting the environment and web hosting to be done together but if you are working in the small niche of web hosting seekers then you should be known to GreenGeeks. But what’s the need for eco-friendly web hosting? If you think of the aspects of the environment, then the websites can act as a drain on the environment as they produce CO2 and adds to your carbon footprints.

A ton of heat is generated through the number of computers present at the data centers, and to cool these systems a big cooling system is required. You should think of going-green if your business or personal goal is to get the environment protected. As of these so-called “Carbon-Reducing” sites and wind-powered platforms on which their systems are based they have become synonymous with their ethical way of web hosting and have been titled the king of green.


And while talking about the performance it is just on the top level with some of the highest web hosting contenders with them in the race, as they also utilize the speediest of the technologies, giving you a guarantee of 99.9%.

At GreenGeeks, you can easily able to get access to everything which will be required for you for your web presence. Let’s take an example of the shared web hosting package, it is an all-inclusive package of all the features which is based on Linux OS with Solid State Drive RAID 10 arrays. And with it also offers many features as well with it:

  • Supports to host a limitless number of domains with a free domain name for life.
  • Has unlimited data transfer, disk storage, MySQL databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, and email autoresponder.
  • It contains free SEO tools and packages related to marketing to get websites easily recognizable.
  • It is a green hosting platform, getting powered by 300% wind energy.

These many features can be provided by the company at a very affordable price of $2.95/month rather than the regular $9.95/month.

Pricing and Reliability

A reliable and affordable shared hosting service is provided by GreenGeeks for over the past several years. Along with this, they are also known for providing good VPS hosting services to the customers. Other than that all-inclusive shared hosting, also provide five VPS packages for the customers to choose from. A large number of resources of servers are involved in these five packages which are as follows:

  1. RAM specifications from 1 to 8 GB
  2. Bandwidth ranging from 1,000 GB to 3,000 GB based on the usage.
  3. RAID-10 storage ranging from 25 GB to 125 GB depending on the SSD.
  4. 4 cores

The web host scans all the IP’s regularly so that to remove and clean all the blacklisted IP’s before they are provisioned. The starting price of GreenGeeks VPS hosting service is at $39.95/month which is not that affordable but all the features that the package is providing make it a value for money choice.


The company has its data centers based in Phoenix, Chicago, and Toronto. And in the near future, the fourth data center is also going to be opened in Amsterdam. A solid infrastructure is there in all the three data centers with raised floors, climate control, water detection system, UPS and generators to get the customer’s data in a reliable position and get it safe.

And talking about the customer’s trust and reachability of the company, they have hosted over 3,00,000 websites and counting for the number of customers since its inception in 2008. And after that coming to customer support on the technical side plays an important role in getting the level of customer satisfaction high.

Technical Support

All the engineers of customer support are in the house for GreenGeeks and based in Canada and the US, which enables the company to provide its customers with professional, patient and timely assistance via a 24/7 live chatting and e-mailing channel.

If you are looking for a web hosting platform solution that will provide you with the best features in the market with top-notch performance and assistance then we will recommend you choose the GreenGeeks platform and this step will help to protect the environment as well.

Thanks for reading!