August 16, 2022

Why did Windows Smartphone Fail?

In this tech growing world, smartphone has been a compelling gadget with a huge competition in the market proving each one of them to be the best. However, it is known to one and all about the launch of Windows phone, initially it was expected to lead the smartphone market. But things didn’t go as planned, with other technologies taking the mobile world by storm, the complex features of windows failed to impress the customers. Besides tons of unique specifications and loads of investments, windows smartphone failed to win the hearts of people. Latest technologies have had making things simpler in terms of user-friendly interface and the elegant, sleek looking designed, Windows complexity failed to make its place in the list of best smartphone brands. Listed below are the major factors that led to the decline of Windows smartphone. Take a look below;

Late updates and Slow interface

When compared to android and iOS smartphones, windows were very much slow and also received late update which began upsetting the customers largely ending up with lots of negative reviews. The windows launch performed in a vice versa way which was a lot more than a shock. It was earlier predicted to the beat iPhone but it failed to do so.

Nokia was dominant

During the launch of windows smartphone, one of the most trusted brand Nokia had been very much dominant and was one of the major reason for the downfall of windows brand. However, brands like LG and HTC where with Microsoft but that didn’t really work well too.

No Mobile Wallet Payments

Not considering the mobile wallet pay was one of the biggest sin committed by the Microsoft phones. Online payment was strongly predicted to the future of easy transactions was the most convenient form of payment. Microsoft had let go this major feature and so they failed


Microsoft didn’t consider the need of compelling features like Google chrome and various other google transactions. One of the main and the most important reason for the failure of the windows phone as it ignored many essential updates and features that were surely present on the Androids and iPhone.

And here the list of some of the major mistakes committed by windows smartphone ends, the latest technology phones like Vivo, Oneplus have got it covered.

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