August 16, 2022

What are the features of Wix?

When speaking about Wix then it is one of the best website builders and it is extensively compared with WordPress, another website builder. However, when the features are compared it can be seen there are many awesome features which make Wix, the premium website builders in the market today.

Between artists and creators, Wix is often loved because it offers great intuitive website building technology with attractive visuals. In this article, we will clarify in detail the benefits offered by Wix which will give an idea of why it is one of the website builders that has emerged.


This review was launched in 2006 and has been successful over time in building a customer base of over 100 million. Perhaps, the company has continuously established its goods that can be reflected in a growing business.

Now we are going to explain about the best features of Wix Review is discussed below;

Rich in Features

Wix is relatively rich in functionality and besides its wealthy and growing sector. To help the website grow and succeed, other tools and products which are incorporated and contained exclusively in the Wix.

Some of Wix’s significant features include Free HTTPS, Customer Quote Creation, Logo Builder, Project Manager, Automated Response and Payments.

Intuitive Navigation & Drag Drop

 It’s the respectable user experience is of greatest importance since it can be the selling point of any application. It keeps a user addicted, and helps them to know at the same time. Wix’s drag-and-drop functionality is very useful, as users report.

Beginners mustn’t face any problems when building their first Wix website. The website editor lets you change, customize and preview websites

Site Speed 

Site Speed is one of the key factors when selecting a website builder. If you don’t know what a website builder is, it makes life easy because you can build a professional and functional site if you don’t have the programming skills. Site speed plays an important role as no one wants to visit a site that will take millions of years to load.

This can increase traffic drop i.e. unhappy customers and finally resulting in a drop in sales in the case of e-commerce websites. According to reports, Wix websites maintain an average speed of 125 ms.


SEO Friendly

 It’s very important when talking about Search Engine Optimization or SEO if you have a website. It’s essentially a strategy that helps draw traffic to your website by organic means. Since Google prefers a nice, and optimized web site.

Wix provides you with detailed instructions and makes sure your website is found on the internet in other respects.

 And the most important thing is that It helps in creating a site in generating meta tags, descriptions, and other important tags.

 And also, it allows users to add images, photos and various elements on your pages. It helps Google scan these elements thus making the website friendlier to Google searches.

It also allows users to include social media accounts and run email marketing campaigns through the dedicated Wix offers software.

 Customer Support

When speaking about customer support then Whenever you face any sort of issue which is possible to be a technical issue. Reports suggest that the technical support team is one of the best in the business and can solve minor issues in a single interaction. There are several forums blog that focuses on answering the most common issues faced by the customer.

 And the most important thing is It also has videos that help on step-by-step for building a website via Wix.


I hope we have included all the information about the best features of the Wix review. Stay tuned for more updates.

 And as we know that Wix is a premium website builder and has fewer cons rather than pros. And we can give you suggestions for you to try building your website and using its service.

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