August 16, 2022

What Are The benefits Of Using HostWinds?

HostWinds is a top web hosting service provider that began its journey in the year 2010; it is a relatively young hosting company; however, it proved to be capable enough to compete decades-old web hosting services. It is known for its reliability, pricing and features, ease of use, and which makes it attractive in the eyes of customers seeking great web hosting services.

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It offers important and unmatched features such as unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, and unlimited disk space. In this review, we will explain why HostWinds how you can benefit by using their services.

Major Benefits Of Hostwinds

Multiple Hosting 

HostWinds is known to have a strong resource and infrastructure. Having a strong infrastructure always results in the improvement of services and products. It was swift enough to capitalize and made a strong impact on the expanded its web hosting services. It has created a wide range of plans, such as hosting, private hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting.

It is really understandable that shared hosting is best for small business setups as the starter’s plans come with affordable pricing policy. However, for the basic plan, it misses out on important such as faster servers, SSD storage, which can be available only in the business plan or the dedicated hosting plan.

If you want to explore the power of cloud technology, you should buy cloud hosting because you know most companies are working on this technology. The major advantage of using cloud hosting is that routine backups are one of them much more easily and safely.

Have a big business and a well-established business requires a lot of resources that will make the business run smoothly so that VPS hosting, in this case, will benefit you tremendously by providing an excellent back-end management opportunity. There are two types of VPS hosting, i.e., Managed or unmanaged, depending on the type of your business style and specifications, you can choose one.


When we talk about hosting services, there’s one time that we might overlook, and that’s’ UPTIME.’ It’s the number of times a website can go down for maintenance or just’ wake up’ time. This may be an important factor for the company, because if a website sometimes goes down, there may be cases where consumers or clients start to have problems with reliability or confidence. Hostwinds has an uptime of almost 99.99 percent, which is better than the majority of Webhosting service providers currently on the Internet and four data centers located in the US, it is more unlikely that your website will ever go down.

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Additional Services

Additional services are available on the Hostwinds website and can be your only stop for all the needs your business might need.

The SSL certificate is very critical for a company and can be one of determining whether or not the website is secure. You can sign it and enjoy the services it provides.

Email Management is one of the resources that your company may need and offers the ability to send emails to clients and potential clients.

Domain Registration Domain Purchases and domain transition can be achieved through the services provided by Hostwinds.

Customer Support

Excellent customer support Hostwinds offers excellent service by offering 24 hours a day 365 access and can either speak directly to experts through email support. The team can solve most of the issues in one call, which will take about 5 mins to solve minor issues. However, it might take more time, depending on the severity of the issues.