August 16, 2022

The Smartphone Brands Competition In The Market

There has been a huge expansion in the number of Chinese top smartphone brands has seen in the past few years as compared to the US smartphone market and holding the second position in the top. Now, in terms of the total smartphones shipped by them, China is the only heading above to India in the list. As coming to the stats, China has just registered a higher shipment of 158 million smartphones in 2019, and while having taken on the situation among both India and the US, India is expected to beat US total shipments of 153 million.

India ‘s key strategy of major Chinese smartphone brands to provide flagship-level features under a very attractive price bracket to catch new users in India’s smartphone market that helped to gain this growth and e-commerce growth also served as a boost. It made smartphones more available to Indian users as e-commerce gained speed in India. Chinese brands such as Vivo, Xiaomi, Oneplus and many others hold a whopping 72 per cent share in the Indian smartphone market, compared to a 60 per cent status in the previous year for top smartphone brands.

Chinese Smartphones Continue To Dominate Market!

Comparing the figures, China ‘s total number of smartphone shipments in 2019 is about 395 million and points to a decrease in figures, while looking into the Indian smartphone industry, an increase of 7% is reported in 2019.

If you look closely at the situation on the Indian market, the growth was for the first time in single-digits when viewed on an annual basis as a slowdown in the industry marginally affected the industry, which showed a 10 per cent growth in 2018. Both the first-time buyers and the repeat buyers are creating in demand and are still not well penetrated as compared to the US market.

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It is estimated, as an estimate, that getting close to China would take at least nearly four or five years. The main reason for this is that there are a fair amount of used or refurbished smartphone choices commercially available that always take away some share of India’s new mobile demand. It is also found that only 55 per cent of users on the Indian market are 4 G network subscribers and in the future, it can be thought that more users will move from feature phones to smartphones and this speculation will increase competition. And the hyper-competition between India’s various top smartphone brands will see massive growth in the future.