August 14, 2022

The Rivalry Between Apple And Samsung Smartphones

Many of us have experienced a mixed response from ios users and android users when it comes to features and specifications.  Apple as a brand has established and they absolutely demand a price for the build and the quality. So, it doesn’t really mean that Samsung doesn’t make good products. They are the pioneers in the telecom industry. When it comes to pricing, Apple is one the higher side to the fact that they are the best sellers in the market. Henceforth, we will be discussing the comparison between the two and also about Apple vs Samsung sales. Stay tuned!

Which Phone to Buy? 

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Many of us will be struggling to know which phone is going to fulfil our needs considering the cost and the quality. We are going to review both the phones and you can choose accordingly.


Why is Apple Expensive? We would need like months to explain why it is expensive but to make it short, you will be paying half the money for the brand alone. Believe it or not! iPhone doesn’t have an inbuilt radio. Whereas, INR 1000rs worth Samsung phone has a radio. If you ask this query to Apple, they will say there is a separate device called the transistor, which is specially designed to listen to songs and you can buy it. Apple targets only the business tycoons as it is supposed to be one of the safest phones to carry out heavy transactions.


If your primary focus is the camera, we would recommend going for an iPhone. Samsung, on the other hand, has improved a lot. The S series is supposed to be the flagships phones. In that series, they have included all these pro modes. Google Pixel is the ultimate choice.

iPhone X vs Note 8 - Tech Advisor

Features and Specifications: 

Samsung has been doing really well with its A-series phones. There are three different series like the A30, A50, and A70. The lowest version might cost you around INR 22,000 and the top variant might cost around INR 40,000. Henceforth if you are really looking for some good features on your phone, Samsung is going to be the best buy.

Hope this blog has clarified all your doubts with respect to Apple vs Samsung sales. Stay connected to us for more such sections and thanks for reading