August 14, 2022

Major AI Types

When talking about development of technology, Artificial Intelligence is the first term that crosses mind. It has become the game changer taking technology away from the analytics and the data and bring more and more exposure. In this article we will be discussing about some of the major AI types that is worth learning about. Continue reading to know more;

Artificial intelligence has learned to probe the minds of other ...

Reactive Machines

Being one of the oldest form of the Artificial Intelligence which features limited number of capabilities, Reactive Machines have the ability to emulate the human being mind’s in order to respond to the various kind of the stimuli. They do not have the ability to react based upon the past experiences for the current situation and the reason behind this is that do not feature a memory based function and also they do not have the ability to all which means the machine can only respond to minimum number of sets only.

Limited Memory

Likewise Reactive Machines, Limited Memory is just as its name. They feature only a limited based memory which is an add on to the reactive memory. They have the ability to learn from past data considering which they can make better decisions in present situation. These are the most popular AI based applications for virtual assistants and chatbots with limited memory AI,

Theory of Mind

Theory of Mind is one of the most advanced type of Artificial Intelligence today. This AI based system has the ability to feel and understand the human emotions which makes Theory of Mind quite interesting. This type of AI has broader approach and are being most used by the researched when engaged in the innovations and experiments.

Self Aware AI

As the name suggests, this type of AI has the ability to not only understand emotions of those who gets in contact with you but they can also have their own emotions, beliefs, strong feelings as well as their desires wishing to be fulfilled. This type of AI is very much fascinating to understand and to learn more about.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence

Popularly known as ANI, Artificial Narrow Intelligence have the ability to perform tasks in a way similar to that of human beings. They offer narrow facilities than can perform those activities for which have been programmed. Considering the range of tasks they can be performed, they have a narrow range of competencies only.

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