August 16, 2022

Is GoDaddy Still The Daddy Of Web-Hosting?

GoDaddy is known as the most prominent website hosting company in the business field, which has more than 78 million domains under its management and around 19 million customers who are using this hosting. Over the years, GoDaddy has taken over the many other companies, and they will deal with software, media, email marketing, and hosting services.

So, GoDaddy has the super Bowl ads that help in boosting their brand, and their business strategy has created a lot of confusion about the company in the industry, like what does the company actually will provide to its customers. Also, if you are thinking of using GoDaddy as the hosting service to your website, then you have made a better choice because of its reputation and experience. Below are the reviews of GoDaddy.

Account Setup

Choosing as a GoDaddy hosting package will offer a fair range of prices from 1 to 36 months. If you are going for a longer contract, then the price will cut a little bit per month, but not very much and after the renewal price will remain very less according to the months which you are opting for. So, the signup will provide a starter list of add-ons, which includes site backup and restore to automatic daily malware scans. Also, there is another add-on standard SSL certificate option, however, it can extra dollars per month.


Website Dashboard

GoDaddy’s hosting plans will be managed by the company’s plan, which has a useful web dashboard. There are no stuffed menus, panels, no toolbars or maybe tabbed panels. Instead, they have the list of products that you have purchased. With manage or setup buttons they have some links which are used for hosting modules and button for launching cPanel for finding the management tool. In case, if you are having any issues then they have the help button that gives instant access for GoDaddy’s Knowledgebase through a pop-up window on the current page.


If you are looking for hosting a WordPress site with the GoDaddy account then the company will provide you the easy ways of installing it. The Initial signup wizard ends with the Optional ‘create a WordPress website step by clicking on the yes button then enter a WordPress username and password and the package will be installed within a couple of minutes. Installing a WordPress can be simple where you can get it for very limited and gives you no control over how the website can be set up.

Website builder 

GoDaddy’s regular shared hosting will not include any form of the website builder and not even the highly restricted demo version where you might this feature with other hosting companies. So, GoDaddy has its own website builder with a set of e-commerce tools where you will be getting a one-month free trial and plans will range from $10 to $25 per month with an annual subscription by depending upon the features you need it.



GoDaddy will offer fast, reliable hosting and you begin their benchmark process by setting up the website using the shared hosting account. You can always check the website every five minutes through multiple locations like Europe and the US by recording site availability and response time. Also, GoDaddy will achieve 100% uptime with no outages over the week of testing. Overall, GoDaddy is very consistent and many hosts will have occasional checks where their response time will take several seconds. However, GoDaddy’s peak of 813ms is not bad at all.


GoDaddy will provide 24/7/365 support in multiple languages and can get access to live chat, phone support for 50 plus different countries. The live chat can always be helpful; however, you have to wait for few minutes for getting the support service agent on the phone. Also, the support staff will answer the queries without asking for extra detail and provides accurate Information.

GoDaddy has better hosting services compared to other hosting companies by providing less price web hosting and also got the good domain names to purchase. So, in case you are planning to buy hosting for a website then GoDaddy web Hosting for WordPress would be the best services you can get from the company.