August 14, 2022

Here is the Review of iPage

iPage is offering web hosting services to people through the internet all over the world, and the company is focusing on securing the websites and emails of their customers. The iPage is used by the customers who are very budget-conscious companies at the market, and web hosting is owned by the Endurance International Group. 

iPage may not be as popular as other service providers such as Bluehost, HostGator, or maybe Dreamhost. However, iPage is known for providing quality services at cost-effective prices. The other thing about the iPage is that they have maintained consistency, and it is holding its position in the top 15 web hosting providers around the globe. Below are the reviews for iPage

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Simplified Service Options

The good thing about the iPage is that they are simple in offering plans to their customers, and it can be better to shift to iPage plans when customers are comparing with top hosting companies. In iPage, there is only one type of shared hosting plans available and can be suitable for small business and Internet entrepreneurs.

US-Based Data Centres

The company’s location data centers will affect the user experience for the visitors. If the customers are thinking of storing their site on servers which are located close to their audience. So, if the customers are in the US-based, then you are lucky enough to have because the two of the iPage data centers are located in Boston, MA, area. Also, the centers are very large and use advanced technology to improve the overall performance. The other most important thing is that customers who are accessing your website outside the US, iPage works well with the Content Delivery Networks, and Using CDN will cost more as the services are not included in the hosting plan.

Image result for 5 reviews for iPage

Unlimited Storage

The shared hosting plan at iPage will come up with Unlimited disk space, and another benefit is that the websites are filled with a lot of digital files, whereas the other hosting companies will have strict limitations. So, by using iPage, the customers can enjoy the unlimited storage for making the site as detailed and even offers unlimited MySQL databases as well for maintaining the storage files. 

iPage can be the ideal option for the companies who are looking to buy the website at the cost-effective for the customers and will get the same features using the web hosting services. So, I would recommend these web hosting services, which are just starting their business, and reviews for iPage are given on the services provided by the company.