August 16, 2022

Best Social Robots You Can Buy For Yourself

We are now in the modern era and we can see that there is a huge revolution in the field of technology, where immense innovations occur every year. Most of the innovations are being praised and some of them are getting back for further improvements. When we speak about technologies and the use of technology in this century, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important topics every tech enthusiast has in mind. It is one of the top tech experts, students and almost a big category in society that has been addressed the most.

Well attempting to keep all of these aside for those who have a keen interest in Robotics so this article will help you find some of the best social robots in the world you might see launching in the future or already being in use there. So let us continue reading below without wasting time:

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SANBOT is one of the smartest and most unique robots with the ability to interact with human beings, it’s I d developed by Qihan Technologies. Well apart from communicating with humans, SANBOT is fitted with a front screen that can view your question answer, it also has an integrated projector that displays graphics on a nearby wall making it the best social robots in the world.

  • ASIMO:

A humanoid robot created by Honda was launched in the year 2000 by ASIMO. After the introduction of this robot, it is said to be one of the most advanced humanoid robots ever built to date. Well ASIMO has several interesting human-like capabilities including moving objects, postures, movements, knowing the world and even communicating with people. As a humanoid ASIMO robot can also walk, sit and use the stairs too.

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  • BUDDY:

Developed by Blue Frog automation, BUDDY is designed as a feelings robot companion that is widely used by a senior citizen and remains alone in their home, with no living partner to stay. BUDDY is a specifically made robot with the ability to perform certain tasks, such as interacting with humans with certain emotions, watching over your house, performing a certain task as per your order, and many more.

We assume the above article has assisted you to understand a lot about some of the best social robots in the world that you can find on the market or pre-order basis.