August 16, 2022

Best Phones Under 60000.

As we all understand the system has advanced and each day the latest design is always coming up on the market. Some of the things being smartphones where there is often a new model launched to the market with even more functionality and specs and apps than prior versions as well as the price decreases. It takes a little time to find a decent smartphone with the latest apps, and too many choices. So then we have a selection of the best mobiles that come with the best phones under 60000.

So, Have a look at the best phones.


Apple iPhone XR

Apple is one of the costly phones this company’s market image has never been reduced neither has its consumers been dissatisfied. This handset seems to have a 3 GB RAM front battery with a 12MP backup camera and 7MP front camera. This phone can be saved as 3 choices (64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB), and can save you about 48,000 INR.

One Plus 7 Pro

One plus is one of the most well-known brands, and within these couple years, it has gotten mad. This brand has been growing market is rapid, with the best features and lower price specification. This smartphone seems to have a 6 GB, 8 GB, and 12 GB RAM front battery with a 48MP curved screen and 16MP video. Storing this mobile as a 128 GB and 256 GB alternative which will cost you about 40,000 INR.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Also, Samsung Galaxy S10e is one of the best smartphones people buy at your price, and that one of the highest-profile electronics brands. This handset has a 6 GB RAM main camera and 12MP curved screen and 10MP main camera. This phone’s size is 128BGB and the piece ‘s price is about 48,000 INR.

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