August 14, 2022

3 Best Apps for Tech News

With over hundreds and thousands of apps available in the market today, it is expected for one to end up losing on the best ones due to the great amount of confusions taking place when it comes to picking up the best apps where you can regular updates and information related to tech. Every other day, a new experiment takes place, a new innovation is made in the technology field and with tech playing a crucial part in the fast-growing world, it is important for one to keep themselves updated. And so, we have curated a list of some of the best apps for tech news  that are worth considering. Check out the list below;


Flipboard will soon share short videos alongside the news for $3 a ...

Flipboard is one of the most popular tech news apps available. It is a perfect blend of news available from the different sources which means you will not have to baffle around the internet anymore. The app is a great combination of various genres which would keep you entertained for long as the app is not really a tech centric one. Besides tech news, the app speaks about major headlines related to the entertainment, sports, lifestyle and many more stories. Also, if in case you are running short of time but want to read something really important, the app also permits you to save your favourite feeds in order to read it during your leisure time.


Feedly is the ideal option for all those who do not really prefer spending hours together in order to keep themselves updated. As with this app, one can know about everything happening around the world related to technology really quick and primary reason for it is that the app is very well organised, the user-friendly interface can make users feel comfortable with the working of the app instantly. The inbuilt features of the app include several knowledgeable articles and news updates; you can choose your tech zone and explore information about the same easily.


TechCrunch is a complete package for all the tech lovers out there. Equipped with exciting features, you can easily go through the headlines within a minute on a daily basis. Also, you can also customize your feed based upon your interests. While using the app, you will be coming across the articles which will be sharing stories about various startups, silicon valleys, ventures and much more.

And here the list of best apps for tech news ends. Hope, this article has been informative to you. Do share your reviews about the same.

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