August 16, 2022

3 Best AI Investment Apps

Application of AI in the business world has been successful in delivering positive results widely. Talking about investing, AI has been integrated to several ways o make investment better. Listed below are the  3 best AI investment apps. Have a look below;


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WealthFront, for its strong features it is titled to be one of the best AI based investing platforms available in the market today. It democratises the investment largely which in reality required a personal investment advisor in order to make decisions. The app is paired with numerous benefits such as Low ETF expense rations, managing the external accounts, automatic rebalancing, harvesting of tax-loss, automatic rebalancing and a lot more. Also, the app provides you with wide range of investment technologies along with the huge collection of portfolios to consider.

Betterment App

Betterment app is by far one of the largest investment platform introduced back in the year 2008. The platform is completely automated with no human interactions at all helping you to make your investment better. The app is thoroughly based upon the algorithms to determine the most suitable investment strategies that would help you meet your desired goals after considering the risk tolerance level. Being user-friendly has been extremely beneficial for the app as it has played an important part to stand out as the investors here no more have to spends hours and days to understand the working of the app. Besides user-friendly interface, the additional benefits of the app includes no minimum balance required in the account, the user can get fast and easily access to the certified financial planners and advisors as and when required. One of the best feature of the app includes is that it automatically sends certain amount of money to your bank account when your account exceeds the balance account based upon their preference.

Sofi Wealth

Sofi Wealth is one of the leading platforms introduced in the year 2011. Within a short span of time, Sofi Wealth has been successful in marking its position in the list of top AI investing platforms. The app is a perfect combination of AI investing along with human financial advisors. Th benefits of the app includes variety of plans offering at low cost investments, automatic rebalancing, getting access to the certified financial advisors and planners for free of cost.

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